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Bài báo - Tạp chí
50: (2019) Trang: 807–817
Tạp chí: Aquaculture Research

The aims of this study were to unravel the intestinal microbiota of Litopenaeus vannamei after being fed a diet without (control) or with the synbiotic (SYN) for 60 days using nextgeneration sequencing technology to see if changes in the intestinal microbiota were involved in the improved growth performance and health status of the shrimp. Nextgeneration sequencing data showed that six phyla, 11 classes, 19 orders, 30 families, 58 genera and 73 species with taxonomic names assigned were detected. The majority of the operational taxonomic units (OTUs) was shared between the SYN and control shrimp and comprised 37 OTUs. However, intestinal biodiversity analyses revealed that SYNfed shrimp had a higher species richness, evenness and ShannonWeaver index than did shrimp fed the control diet, but without reaching statistical significance. Interestingly, shrimp fed the SYN diet exhibited improved colonization of Lactobacillus plantarum and reduced prevalences of Vibrio harveyi and Photobacterium damselae in the intestines. These findings indicate that the SYN was able to modulate the intestinal bacterial community of shrimp and could be used to control vibriosis in shrimp.

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