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15 (2020) Trang: 1453–1463
Tạp chí: ChemMedChem

We have synthesized 50 benzimidazole (BMZ) derivatives with 1,2-phenylenediamines and aromatic aldehydes under mild oxidation conditions by using inexpensive, nontoxic inorganic salt sodium metabisulfite in a one-pot condensation reaction and screened their ability to interfere with Zika virus (ZIKV) infection utilizing a cell-based phenotypic assay. Seven BMZs inhibited an African ZIKV strain with a selectivity index (SI=CC50 /EC50 ) of 9-37. Structure-activity relationship analysis demonstrated that substitution at the C-2, N-1, and C-5 positions of the BMZ ring were important for anti-ZIKV activity. The hybrid structure of BMZ and naphthalene rings was a structural feature responsible for the high anti-ZIKV activity. Importantly, BMZs inhibited ZIKV in human neural stem cells, a physiologically relevant system considering the severe congenital anomalies, like microcephaly, caused by ZIKV infection. Compound 39 displayed the highest antiviral efficacy against the African ZIKV strain in Huh-7 (SI>37) and neural stem cells (SI=12). Compound 35 possessed the highest activity in Vero cells (SI=115). Together, our data indicate that BMZs derivatives have to be considered for the development of ZIKV therapeutic interventions.

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