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Bài báo - Tạp chí
3(4) (2016) Trang: 73-82
Tạp chí: Animal review

This study was carried out from February to December 2014 by interviewing 75 farmers who opporate snakehead seed production in An Giang, Dong Thap and Hau Giang provinces, Vietnam. The results showed that the total area for production was 629.01±756.77 m2, whereas the volume for nursing was 582.10±119.81 m3 for pond system and 1,019.56±736.66 m3 for combining pond – hapa system). Each hatchery used 44.26±22.63 pairs of broodstock/breeding cycle and produced whole year. The quantity of seed per cycle of pond system was a half of that figure of other system while seed productivity per m3 was much lower. Sakehead seed was mainly sold to seed traders in the Delta (82.3%). With average production cost of 47.81±16.23 thousand VND/m3, each farm in pond system could reach the total net profit of 49.83±18.74 thousandVND/m3, equivalent to 328 millionVND/year. These corresponding numbers of pond – hapa system were  106.98±86.25; 196.12±87.45 thousand VND/m3, equal to 1.75 billionVND/year. Factors of climate change affecting snakehead seed production involved rainfall change, droughts, water and air temperature increase, salinity instrution which caused  diseases easier (36%), affected seed production in general (31%), bad water quality (10%), .... To reduce the impacts of climate change to production, the snakehead seed production farmers  often changed selling market, suspended production of seeds, used better brookstocks by choosing them more carefully and  a number of other measures.

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