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51(2013) (2013) Trang: 368-372
Tạp chí: Tạp chí hóa học

The water management of industrial zones in Mekong Delta has not been managed well. Most industrial wastewater effluents are discharged directly into rivers, while some industries have treated their wastewater as well. Existing industrial zones without centralized wastewater treatment plant have to install and to commission their treatment plant before Dec 31, 2010 according to the Circular No. 08/2009/ TT-BTNMT. As a result, a complex mixture of wastewater effluents from various industries is not only difficult in technology but also costly in financial aspect. In addition, groundwater overexploitation is more pronounced; however, there are no effective solutions for controlling the groundwater resources in the Mekong delta. As a result, the water management that related to surface water and groundwater quality in the industrial zones in Mekong Delta will be the most environmental concern in the near future.

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