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Bài báo - Tạp chí
Số 04 (2016) Trang: 63-70
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Received date: 30/092015

Accepted date: 30/11/2016


This study was undertaken to assess different extraction methods and the effects of times and temperatures on histamine produced in storage frozen tuna. The results showed that histamine in tuna samples could be efficiently extracted with perchloric acid 0.6 M and trichloroacetic acid 6%. The effective method for determining histamine concentration was benzoylation procedure. Tuna stored at 4°C resulted in higher histamine level (42.24 mg/kg) than tuna stored at 0°C (161.29 mg/kg) after 7 days of storage. Also, bacteria increased from 4.54 log10 cfu/g to 5.88 log10 cfu/g in the samples stored at 0°C, while for the samples stored at 4°C, an increase was shown dramatically in counts from 4.54 log10 cfu/g to 8.88 log10 cfu/g. These findings revealed that there was high correlation between storage conditions and histamine formation.


HPLC, histamine, tuna, biogenic amines

Cited as: Khang, D.T., Vu, L.A. and Dung, T.N., 2016. Effects of extraction methods and storage conditions on histamine content in frozen tuna (Thunnus albacares). Can Tho University Journal of Science. Vol 4: 63-70.

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