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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2015) Trang: 331-337
Tác giả: Võ Quốc Tuấn
Tạp chí: Ừng dụng GIS toàn quốc 2015
Liên kết:


This paper highlights the importance of usinghousehold survey and remote sensing data for the assessmentof mangrove ecosystem services (fisheries and timber relatedproducts, carbon sequestration, storm protection) in Ca MauProvince, Vietnam. The results indicate that remote sensingplays an important role in ecosystem service valuation in thelarge areas where mangroves and aquaculture are mixed. Weestimated the value of mangrove ecosystem services usingmarket price and replacement cost approaches to determinean initial assessment of the overall contribution of mangrovesto human well-being. The total estimated value was US$ 600million/year for 187,533 ha (approximately US$3,000/ha/year), which is slightly smaller than the grossdomestic product (GDP) of the province (US$ 0.69 billion in2010). However, this is only a partial estimate that does notconsider other services (tourism, biodiversity, cultural andsocial values), due to the absence of primary data. The maincontribution of this study is that it is the first to combine theapproaches of remote sensing and household survey for thequantification of mangrove ecosystem services in themangrove-shrimp integrated system. Research findingsindicate that the continued expansion of aquaculture hasreduced the benefits to local communities provided by themangrove ecosystem.

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