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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2014) Trang: 284
Liên kết:

White leg shrimp culturing is one of the most important aquaculture farming systems in the coastal areas in Ca Mau province. This study was conducted from December 2013 to May 2014 through interviewing 34 households culturing white leg shrimp in order to evaluate technical and economic aspects of the farming system and to identify advantages and disadvantages of the farming system. Results of the survey showed that the average culturing white leg shrimp area for each household was 0.72±0.56 ha and the mean area of culturing pond is 0,22±0,08 ha/pond. The post larvae (PL) which has the size from PL8 to PL]2 sourced from central provinces were stocked at density of 74.7±I2,6 PL/m2. Shrimp was mainly feed by commercial feed. After 87.4±16,4 culturing days, shrimp was harvested with high survival rate of 71±10%. average yield of productivity was 6.366±3.029 kg/ha/crop, final body weight of 92,4±43.1 individuals/kg, and feed conversion ratio (FCR) of l,07±0,08. In addition, w'ith production cost of465±l92 million VND/ha/crop, gross income of 989±502 million VND/ha/crop, net income was rather high of 524±380 million VND/ha/crop and benefit ratio was 1,14=0.79 times. However, there are some difficulties existing in this system such as high feed cost, lack of funds, shrimp disease, high PL price.

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