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Overview of



                    Can  Tho University targets to be one of the leading  higher education  institutions
                  in terms of quality in Vietnam and one of the top universities in training and research
                  recognized in the region and the world.


                    Can Tho University operates its resources to be the leading national institution for
                  education,  research  and  technology  transfer,  making  significant  contributions  to  the
                  development of high quality human resources, fostering the talents and the advancement
                  of science  and technology to cater for the regional  and national  socio-economic
                  development. Can Tho University is the crucial driving force for the development of the
                  Mekong Delta region.

                  Core Values

                    Consensus - Devotion - Quality - Innovation

                  Quality Policy Statement

                    Recognizing the significant needs for qualified human resources in the society as well as
                  strong competition in training for high quality human resources upon the local and global
                  innovation contexts, Can Tho University is committed to ensuring its quality through continual
                  innovation and integration in education, creativity and dynamics in research and technology
                  transfer; incorporating theory with practice to prepare graduates with sufficient knowledge
                  and skills to be able to perform their work efficiently, to formulate their leadership and to adapt
                  themselves to changes.
                    Can Tho University is committed to the full establishment and implementation of an efficient,
                  creative, innovative, professional, and responsible governance system. All activities of the
                  University will be systematically and effectively governed through computerized procedures,
                  applying innovative approaches and undergoing regular monitoring and assessment.

                                                                                  CAN THO UNIVERSITY
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