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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
Số 01 (2004) Trang: 180-185
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 Integrating ?Four factors? (State ? household ?Entrepreneur ? Scientist) is one of the major solutions that contribute effectively in the process of producing and consuming argri- produce in Mékong Delta at present.

In recent years, in Mékong Delta, some effective linking ?four factors? patterns have appeared, such as: Sông Hậu Farm, Cần Thơ Mékong Company, An Giang Antesco Company v.v...  However, the above patterns are small in number and untight.  In general, we have not created a mechanism to combine ?four factors? together.

To solve this difficult problem, the author believes that we need to use economical benefit instrument.  It mean that we have to do somthing so that everyone can get benefit from the economical integration.

In this relationship, entrepreneurs must be candacter who bring up and hamoniously solve the benefit problem to combine ?four factors? together.

Title: The real states and resolutions for the integration of "four factors? in Mekong Delta


Vietnamese | English

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