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(2015) Trang:
Tạp chí: International Symposium-Aquatic product processing, Can Tho University, 7-9 Dec 2015
Liên kết:

Over the past decades, aquaculture and fisheries sectors have been being developed and indicated a very important industry for socio-economic development of the country. The growth of seafood production enhanced the development of the seafood processing for international export and also for domestic consumption. The two main exported commodities include striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) and Penaeidae shrimp with the export value exceeding 4.5 billion USD annually. The other commodities are mainly for domestic consumption e.g. snakehead, cobia, tilapia.

Striped catfish is an important culture species of the Mekong River delta, Vietnam. The production reached 1.1 million tons in 2014. The application of international aquaculture standards and improved quality control system have strengthened the value of the products in the international market though some constrains still need to be improved for the sustainable development e.g. fish health management practice of small-scale farmer, reduction of feed cost. The effective utilizations of the processed byproducts become urgent matter need to be taken into consideration. Penaeidae shrimp is a high value export products produced mainly in the Mekong Delta, accounted for over 70% production of the nation. Shrimp aquaculture in Vietnam represents in different rearing models such as extensive, semi-extensive, intensive, rice-shrimp rotation and mangrove forest shrimp rearing. Differed from striped catfish, quality control and food safe management increasingly concerned, especially residue warnings from international imported market e.g. EU, Japan. Strategies on improvement of quality and safety control shrimp products are constrains need to address for sustainable development of the industry. Snakehead, tilapia and cobia are widely reared with the certain increasingly production for oriented exportation. Again, the growth of these commodities for seafood domestic consumption and exportation in the further should be controlled with the well quality and safety management.

In general, constrains of raw materials for fish processing in Vietnam included quality control and safety management system and effective utilization of byproducts to produce added value products. The quality control and safety management system could be enhanced though application of international aquaculture standards, facilitation of closed seafood production circle operated by modern, well management companies. The diversification of high value fish species aquaculture will contribute to the diversified raw materials for fish processing. Marine fish aquaculture (cobia, seabass) are being promoted for increasing production with high quality and safety raw materials.


Key words: striped catfish, shrimp, processing, raw materials

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