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Bài báo - Tạp chí
23 (2020) Trang: 935-941
Tạp chí: Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology

Hellula undalis is a harmful insect pest of green mustard in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. In order to establish a tool for a sustainable pest control program, the sex pheromone of H. undalis inhabiting the Mekong Delta was examined. GC-EAD and GC–MS analyses of pheromone gland extracts from the virgin females elucidated three new components, (Z)-11-tetradecenyl acetate (Z11-14:OAc), (Z)-11-hexadecenal (Z11-16:Ald), and (11E,13E)-11,13-hexadecadien-1-ol, in addition to the known pheromone component (11E,13E)-11,13-hexadecadienal (E11,E13-16:Ald). Double bond positions of the two monoenyl components were determined by GC–MS analysis of the pheromone extract treated with dimethyl disulfide. On the other hand, GC–MS analysis of the female body extract detected the unsaturated hydrocarbon (3Z,6Z,9Z)-3,6,9-tricosatriene (Z3,Z6,Z9-23:H). Field examinations of their synthetic compounds indicated the significant role of E11,E13-16:Ald as a major component and a clear synergistic effect of the two monoenyl compounds as a minor component. Although the 3:3:7 mixture of Z11-14:OAc, E11-16:Ald, and E11,E13-16:Ald captured the largest number of males among the tested mixtures, the activity was still quite a bit lower than that of virgin females. However, the 3:3:7:1 mixture, which was prepared by adding a small amount of Z3,Z6,Z9-23:H to the 3:3:7 ternary lure, succeeded in attracting males more powerfully than the females did. This strong synergistic effect was not observed when the triene was added to unmixed E11,E13-16:Ald, indicating important roles of not only the triene but also the two monoenyl compounds as natural pheromone components

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