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Bài báo - Tạp chí
23 (2022) Trang: 6386-6396
Tạp chí: Biodiversitas

Trichodermaspp. are filamentous fungi present in nearly all soils and capable of secreting large amounts of cellulase enzymes that candegradecarbohydrate polymer. In the current study, eight isolates of Trichodermaspp. (TC10-RL11, CT11-VO11, CN2-DP11, CN1-DP11, TC9-RL11, CN4-VR11, CK6-VC11, and TC8-RL11) were isolated. Among the eight fungal strains, the CN4-VR11 hadhighly potent CMC degradation with a halo’s diameter zone of 8.7 ± 1.5 cm. The BLAST result indicates that the CN4-VR11 strains and Trichoderma reeseihad a similarity of 98.92% with amax score of 1158 and an E-value of 0.0. The Trichoderma reeseiCN4-VR11 was selectedfor bioproduct production. The application of Trichoderma reeseiCN4-VR11 bioproduct passively increased the efficient decomposition of the organic fertilizers,after only 30 days of incubation, the total organic matter content ≥ 20%was observed to be soft, spongy, and brown-back in color. According to the Government of Vietnam’s Decree No. 108/2017/ND-CP on fertilizer management, dated September 20, 2017, the T5 and T7 treatments were chosen for the production of granular bio-compost, which has a more practical usein agricultural land.

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