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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2013) Trang: 160-165
Tạp chí: 2013 IFAC Bio-Robotics Conference, 27-29 March 2013. Osaka, Japan

The purpose of this research is to analyse relationships between pear ripeness and subsurface scattering, Tested sample was pear (Pyrus communis L., "Doyenne du Comice"). Soluble solids content and firmness were measured as indices of pear ripeness. Dispersed light in the range from 450 nm to 1000 nm in 5 nm intervals was irradiated at 1 mm diameter spot on pear surface. Light scattering around the spot was captured by a CCD camera. Area and mean diameter of the scattering region in each wavelength image were measured by image-processing. Relationships between the ripeness and the area or mean diameter were analysed by PLS (partial least squares) and PCR (principal component regression) methods. The results showed that the correlation coefficient between the measured and estimated ripeness was 0.653 for soluble solids content and 0.609 for firmness when the scattering images were measured on peel.


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