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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2014) Trang: 420-432
Tạp chí: Hội thảo Ứng dụng GIS Toàn quốc 2014
Liên kết:

Environmental pollution is becoming more serious for the Mekong Delta . Contributing to this situation is due to the massive development of the industrial park and the inefficient management. This paper integrates the data collected from 2009 to present including : measurements of air and wastewater of enterprises in Tra Noc Industrial Zone,  environmental monitoring report in Tra Noc IZ, the documents and reports on environmental management in Can Tho City from Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) and Can Tho Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority(CEPIZA) and the documents of Tra Noc IZ from Cantho Infrastructure  Construction Industrial Park limited company ( investor of Tra Noc IZ ) . Based on the results of analysing the current status and management here , the article addresses the need for GIS applications in environmental management of Tra Noc IZ. Thereby, technical solutions will support environmental management which has been inadequate during the period. This paper is undertaken to present the approach of geographic information systems to : (i) managing enterprises in Tra Noc IZ, (ii) managing infrastructure in this IZ , (iii) evaluating the environmental status in Tra Noc industrial Zone, compares with legal Normative Environments and the environment bearing capacity and (iv) building warning maps and supporting the procedure of making decision on licensed investment and the evaluation on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


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