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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
12(1) (2018) Trang: 23-29
Tạp chí: Asian Journal of Animal Science

Background and Objectives: Most of farms in Vietnam are raising pigs originating/importing from temperate countries. Normally, their adaptation must be recorded, analyzed and evaluated before developing population. Objective of this study was to retrospectively characterize the reproductive performance of a new crossed pig line called GF24 line, which was crossed among pure Landrace, Large White and Piétrain breeds imported from America under different management and climate conditions in Vietnam. Materials and methods: GF24 sows were arranged to mate with boars of GF399, GF337 or GF280 lines originating from American pure lines. Reproductive parameters were collected in 165 commercial pig farms and 1981 litters of GF24 reared in good management farm in Vietnamese provinces/cities during 4 years (2014-2017). Collected data was analyzed by using the R-Statistical Program with descriptive statistical method and GML model. Results: the prolificacy of GF24 sows was obtained among different mentioned conditions. Mean of total number of born / litter (TNB), number of born alive/litter (NBA), number born selected/litter (NBS) and number of weaning/litter (NW), was 13.06 piglets/litter, 12.11 piglets/litter, 11.17 piglets/litter and 10.49 piglets/litter, respectively. During the 24.39 day-lactation period, ADG (average daily gain) of piglets was 207.24 gram/day. Although the differences for some observed traits among geographical regions such as subtropical and tropical zones along Vietnam and different managements for housings as well as farms and litters size were found, GF24 line always maintains their highly prolific characteristics under such conditions and definitely outperforms the other sow breeds/lines raised in Vietnam in terms of reproductive performance and total economic efficiency, especially under good management conditions of the farm, the performance of GF24 is very high and stable. Conclusion: Based on obtained evidences, it can be suggested that GF24 performed better in many economically important traits than other sow lines/breeds for different management systems in Vietnam. Therefore, the GF24 commercial sow line should be added to the industrialized pig production system to enhance the performance and benefits, which help pig production in Vietnam and other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar,… have a faster move forward to prepare for the new economic integration.


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