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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2015) Trang: 138
Tạp chí: International Fisheries Symposium Towards sustainability, advanced technology and community enhancement
Liên kết:

The study aimed to evaluate the effects of nitrite at different temperatures on the growth performances of striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) fingerlings (15-20g). The research is consisting of two experiments was conducted at College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Can Tho University, Viet nam. The first experiment was carried out to determine the medium lethal concentrations of nitrite (96h-LC50) on striped catfish of nitrite at various temperatures. The experiment was randomly designed at 5 different nitrite concentrations plus control at various temperatures. Each treatment was triplicated. Stocking density was 12 fish/ 60L of water volume. Results showed that the nitrite 96-h LC50 values at 24-25oC, 28-29oC, and 33-34oC were 80.61; 93.61; and 88.83 mg L-1, respectively. In the second experiment, striped catfish were exposed to three different concentrations of nitrite [0 mg L-1, 10mg L-1 (limited concentration for culture fish), and 50% 96h-LC50 values (high)] at 24-25oC, 28-29oC, and 33-34oC. Each treatment was triplicated. Fish was stocked 50 fish /250L of water volume and fed with commercial pellets (35% crude protein) to satiation. After 60 days, fish growth performance was high at low nitrite concentration and/or 33-34oC. There were interactions between different nitrite levels and temperatures on FCR and SGR60days. However, in the treatment of nitrite value at 50% of the 96h-LC50, the FCR and SGR60days of fish reared at 33-34oC was significantly improved compared to those at 24-25oC (p0.05).


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