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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2016) Trang: 235-248
Tạp chí: The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2016: Official Conference Proceedings. Conference Theme: “Convergence and Divergence”. April 28 – Sunday, May 1 2016, Kobe, Japan. ISSN: 2186-4691

The National Foreign Language 2020 Project in Vietnam has advocated a shift from traditional Grammar-Translation Method to Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). In line with CLT, a dynamic usage-based perspective to teaching a foreign language focuses on meaning.  This approach provides plenty of authentic input and is believed to raise learners’ motivation. The current study was conducted to investigate if a dynamic usage-based approach enhanced EFL learners’ proficiency. Two classes of first year English students (39 students each) at the Department of English, College of Foreign Languages, Da Nang, Viet Nam participated in this study. The experimental group learnt English with repeated movie segments taken from two movies, ‘Mean Girls’ (2004) and ‘Confession of a Shopaholic’ (2009). They focused on listening and delayed speaking. The control group was taught with a regular textbook in which the four language skills were practiced with an emphasis on speaking. The data was collected by means of two standardized PET tests, which are pre-test and post-test, and analyzed by One-way ANOVA and Paired samples t-tests. The findings showed that the experimental group had better development than the Control group in general. The results of this study suggested that a DUB approach affected the students’ language ability positively.

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6 (2016) Trang: 31-40
Tạp chí: IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education

Vietnamese | English

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