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Bài báo - Tạp chí
4 (40) (2018) Trang: 65-69
Tạp chí: Вестник РГАТУ
Liên kết:

The objective of the paper was to introduce indigenous/native breeds of chickens in Vietnam for the growth performance and meat quality, which are playing an important role in rural economies. Those breeds is perceived to be more tasty and well-resisted to some pathogens. The tendency of consumption of meat product from local chickens has been increasing in Vietnam and consumers are willing to pay higher price. As a nutritive and medicine sources in Vietnam, there are some indigenous breeds with specific quality features such as Ri, Mia, Ho, H'mong, Tau Vang, Noi, Ac and Dong Tao. Some growth performance and meat quality indicators were observed in several local breeds such as body weight, FCR, pH, drip loss, cooking loss, color (lightness- L*, redness- a*, yellowness-b*) and tenderness. The growth and meat characteristics of native breeds were different levels with some imported one. The body weight of observed breeds were almost smaller than others whereas their feed conversion rates were opposite trends.The values of L*, redness a*, and yellowness b* evidenced for darker meat as a distinctive features of some traditional medicine breeds. Those indicators were important for initial selection of raw meat products in the market and final evaluation of consumers.


Vietnamese | English

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