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Bài báo - Tạp chí
Tran Khanh Dang, Josef Küng, Tai M. Chung, Makoto Takizawa (2021) Trang: 310–326
Tạp chí: Communications in Computer and Information Science

In the industrial revolution, Project Management Softwares are essential for most projects in industries. They can improve plan- ning and scheduling, make better collaboration, effective task delegation. However, a weakness of current project management software is trans- parency and anti-repudiation. Although the software design is explicit, the database owner can edit all of the stored data. Hence, we expect to leverage the transparency and immutability of Blockchain into Project Management Software. Blockchain is decentralized, and it is securer than any other system. We have deployed Blockchain into the project manage- ment software as a web-based application to make it more trustworthy and fairer. Our project management software module that outsourcing can auction and manage in a transparent and non-repudiation manner. Our Blockchain Project Management Software supports managing work in projects, observing progress, and auctioning tasks in the project. It is done using an encryption key, a data series (such as a password) that can identify the user and access the value of the “account” or “wallet” in the system. When a transaction is agreed between users, it must be approved or authorized before adding it to a block in the chain. For public Blockchain, the decision to add transactions to the chain is made through consensus. It means that most “nodes” or computers on the net- work must accept that the transaction is valid. The computers on the web are also encouraged to verify transactions through rewards.

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Tạp chí: Communications in Computer and Information Science

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