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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2020) Trang: 245-253
Tạp chí: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh City, November 18, 2020
Liên kết:

The objective of this study was to measure effects of feeding increased concentrate levels in dairy goat diet on intakes, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen retention, rumen characteristics, milk yield and milk composition. The experiment was conducted in three lactating crossbred goats (♂ Saanen × ♀ Bach Thao), 1st month of lactation, by a 3×3 Latin square design. All goats were received ad libitum para grass while 22% CP concentrate was offered at 50, 60 and 70% in the diet, corresponding to 50%C, 60%C and 70%C. Results showed that feed and nutrient intakes (excepting NDF) were improved by increasing concentrate rates in the diet (PEven treatment diets didn’t affect nutrient digestibility, nitrogen retention tended to be greater in 70%C compared to those in other diets (P=0.069). Total VFA concentration showed the lower values in 60%C and 70%C before feeding (P>0.05); however, an inversed trend was found at 6 h post-feeding (P14.11 and 13.38% in the morning (PIncreased concentrate rate in the diet had no any influence on the milk composition of dairy goats (P>0.05). It is concluded that 70% concentrate in the diet of dairy goats in early lactation is an efcient approach to improve intake and milk yield without any shift of milk composition.

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