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Bài báo - Tạp chí
4 (2014) Trang: 116
Tạp chí: International Fisheries Symposium 2014
Liên kết:

The objective of this study was to determine the process of dried salt snakehead fish with the good sensory properties and the safetyfor both domestic and international trade. Basing on the investigation of the customer taste in An Giang province (n=110) about dried snakehead fish, the percentages of attention in terms of price,good quality, food safe and brand name were 40.9%, 48.1%, 68.1%, 84.5% respectively. In addition, the current status at small scale production and retailers surveyed in this province showed that the processing techniques in handling, packaging and storage applied by traditional methods just only met the consumption at local market level instead of exporting or selling in the supermarkets. The study consisted of three main contents, i) setting the new process of dried snakehead fish, ii) evaluating the difference between the new process and the process corresponding to traditional methods and iii) finding appropriate drying and packaging methods for products. The results showed that the method of dry salting enhanced dried fish more flavor and better structure compared to brine salting. Moreover, with the use of 5% salt, 5% sugar, 1.5% monosodium glutamate and 2% (w/w) fish sauce produced dried snakehead fish with high sensory properties. The addition of sticky rice wine and glycerol resulted in reduction of moisture content, water activity and the amount of viable bacteria. Adding garlic juice and packaging dried fish products under vacuum condition also contributed to retain the quality and prolong the shelf-life of dried snakehead fish products. 


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