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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2015) Trang: 0282 - 0287
Tạp chí: International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy Information and Commuincation (ICCPEIC), 2015

A versatile, low power solution in monitoring and control system based on ZigBee network and National Instrument (NI) myRIO is presented in this study. A ZigBee-based wireless sensor network (WSN) combined with a series of low power embedded MSP430 was used as a node in the system to monitor, control the critical environmental conditions like temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen. Besides that, NI myRIO was used as a server to control all the sensor nodes in this system. NI myRIO is an embedded controller based on core Xylinx Zynq with real-time performance. Moreover, a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), programmed with LabVIEW, is designed to collect, analyze and present data on the monitor for the end users, makes it easy to use. The system also allows the end users to get updated data online from sensors based on Google Spreadsheets application, to send alert message through SMS service to prompt user when needed or to monitor the system on Android smartphone. Thus, a minimization of environmental fluctuations caused by sudden changes as well as manpower are reduced. The proposed system has been successfully designed with a reliable, fast response and easy to use with friendly GUI. It is suitable for small to medium sized farming operations as it does not require any refitting or reconstruction of the pond.

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