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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2017) Trang: 14-22
Tạp chí: Scientific research results for training
Liên kết:

In the context of strong conflicts among rice farming and brackish aquaculture in the coastal zones, managers ought to make optimal decisions after carefully considering many aspects including economy, environment, society and even potential hazards when land use type will be changed. This research supplies a support tool to consider what is suitable agriculture model basing on economy, opportunity choices and ecosystem services value. Social economy surveys are the major data source that performed at intensive shrimp households via designed questionnaires in Kien Luong district; after that ecosystem services were quantified using the values of Fixed Costs (FC), Variable Costs (VC), Opportunity Cost (OC), productivity and selling price of shrimp. As a result, some characteristics of the intensive system in the research area are detected that the model has just transformed from extensive system for 10 years, so majority farmers experience from 5 to 10 years and that is accumulated by their own experiences or neighbor sharing each other. While Duong Hoa and Hoa Dien common with Litopenaeus vannamei in intensive, Hoa Dien have a large number area of Penauesmonodon. For intensive farming, VC accounts a considerable part in total costs in which the majority investments are aqua-feed, medicine and energy for water-fan engines. Although EVP ofPenaeus monodon in BinhAnis about 8,057.8 USD/ha/year, which is smaller than this value for Litopenaeus vannamei in Duong Hoa and Hoa Dien about 8 times, farmers can earn profits basing on this model. Moreover, the research also detects that comparing to hire out farmer’s land to others, intensive shrimp is still an effective model for the local shrimp farmers, although intensive shrimp implies much risks and challenges.

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