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Book chapter
Book chapter 2013
Số tạp chí Joern Birkmann(2013) Trang: 505-550
Tạp chí: Measuring vulnerability to natural hazards: Towards disaster resilient societies

Displacement due to disasters is increasing. The internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (iDMC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) have said that in 2010 the number of people displaced due to disasters caused by natural events was over 42 million, with the  highest numbers in Asia (see iDMC and NRC, 2011). This chapter focuses on vulnerability dynamics due to resettlement, specifically focusing on resettlement in the context of natural hazards. Such resettlement is often conducted by countries to reduce disaster risk. Resettlement in the context of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) involves a complex planning process similar but not identical to development-induced displacement and resettlement (Correa, 2011; Oliver-Smith, 2009). While many research papers  have focused on the effects of resettlement due to development projects, fewer research and vulnerability assessments have dealt with the various consequences of resettlement related to natural hazards. Using quantitative indicators and qualitative criteria, this chapter will explain how to assess and monitor the effects of relocation and resettlement on the vulnerability of people exposed to natural hazards. Compared to development-induced resettlement, hazard- and disaster-induced resettlement processes may imply a more diverse set of negative as well as positive development pathways. The chapter  will link theoretical concepts and applied assessments from different case studies to derive lessons learned from the assessment of the dynamics of vulnerability due to relocation of people exposed to natural hazards and climate change.

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