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Kỷ yếu hội nghị quốc tế 2011
Số tạp chí (2011) Trang:
Tạp chí: Forum of Nutrition and Health, Taiwan, 3rd -5th, June, 2011
Liên kết:

Rice production inVietnamwas gradually increased approximately 40 million tons in 2011. Rice is the predominant staple diet ofVietnam, rich in energy and good source of protein. Rice contain reasonable amount of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E and other nutrients and it does not contain any vitamin C, A or A. Rice also has the highest protein digestibility among the staples. Processing tends to reduce the glycaemic index of rice, particularly for high and intermediate-amylose rices (Panlasigui, 1989).

There are many type of rice in Vietnamincluding regular white rice, jasmine rice, sweet or sticky rice and broken rice with its own characteristics. The primary products of rice are (i) whole grain, (ii) broken rice, (iii) husk and (iv) bran. Each component is used and processed differently. The secondary products can be divided into (i) secondary products derived from milled polished white glutinous rice, (ii) secondary products derived from milled polished white (non-glutinous) rice and (iii) recipes of product coming from various combination of rice and other products such as soybean, mungbean, kidney bean. Rice is also transformed into other common ingredients such as cake, wine, vinegar, noodles and paper wrappers. To avoid monotonous repetitions, Vietnamese people change foods from rice daily (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) but the main staple for lunch and dinner is boiled white rice. The rice bran also consumed by the rice oil industry. Some particular product is favored by many countries.

Low energy and protein intakes are common nutritional problems for people in rice-consuming countries. Micronutrient deficiencies of global public health concern include nutritional anemia due to iron deficiency, vitamin A deficiency in children and iodine deficiency disorders. Among the major nutritional problems prevalent in rice-consuming countries, inadequate and unbalanced dietary intake is the most important one. One food cannot provide all necessary nutrients required to maintain good health. In addition to a sufficient dietary supply of energy, protein and fats, adequate nutrition requires the consumption of a wide range of vitamins and minerals. In predominantly rice-based diets inVietnam, adequate nutrition can only be achieved through the addition of other nutritious foods. Animal foods, such as poultry, meat, fish, eggs and milk are supplied the necessary amounts of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A and iron. Similarly, green leafy vegetables and fruits can provide substantial amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Understanding the causes of malnutrition is the only way to bring about sustained improvements in overall health and well-being. Current advances in rice technologyVietnammay be able to alleviate the severe malnutrition currently experienced. These advances must also be accompanied by actions which alleviate the core causes of malnutrition, namely, improvements in health care, sanitation, hygiene and education.

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