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Bài báo - Tạp chí
20 (2018) Trang: 6325-6335

MOF-808, a Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework, has been proven to be a very effective heterogeneous catalyst for the hydrolysis of the peptide bond in a wide range of peptides and in hen egg white lysozyme protein. The kinetic experiments with a series of Gly-X dipeptides with varying nature of amino acid side chain have shown that MOF-808 exhibits selectivity depending on the size and chemical nature of the X side chain. Dipeptides with smaller or hydrophilic residues were hydrolyzed faster than those with bulky and hydrophobic residues that lack electron rich functionalities which could engage in favorable intermolecular interactions with the btc linkers. Detailed kinetic studies performed by 1H NMR spectroscopy revealed that the rate of glycylglycine (Gly-Gly) hydrolysis at pD 7.4 and 60 °C was 2.69 × 10-4 s-1 ( t1/2 = 0.72 h), which is more than 4 orders of magnitude faster compared to the uncatalyzed reaction. Importantly, MOF-808 can be recycled several times without significantly compromising the catalytic activity. A detailed quantum-chemical study combined with experimental data allowed to unravel the role of the {Zr6O8} core of MOF-808 in accelerating Gly-Gly hydrolysis. A mechanism for the hydrolysis of Gly-Gly by MOF-808 is proposed in which Gly-Gly binds to two Zr(IV) centers of the {Zr6O8} core via the oxygen atom of the amide group and the N-terminus. The activity of MOF-808 was also demonstrated toward the hydrolysis of hen egg white lysozyme, a protein consisting of 129 amino acids. Selective fragmentation of the protein was observed with 55% yield after 25 h under physiological pH.

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(2013) Trang: 28
Tạp chí: Young Belgium Magnetic Resonance Scientist 2013, 2nd-3rd December 2013, Blankenberge - Belgium
(2013) Trang:
Tạp chí: XIVth International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Grenoble-France 22-27 July 2013
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Tạp chí: Chemistry conference for young scientists 2012 - ChemCYS2012, Blankenberge, Belgium 1-2 March 2012
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Tạp chí: Young Belgian Magnetic Resonance Scientist Symposium YBNMRS 2012 - Spa, Belgium 26-27 November 2012

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