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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2014) Trang: 34
Tạp chí: International Symposium on Geoinformatics for Spatial Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences
Liên kết:

Estuarine mangroves are favourite nurseries of many shrimp species. These nurseries contribute to maintaining and increasing marine shrimp population that provides important wild broodstock for shrimp hatching and aquaculture industry. To utilize their favourite nurseries, shrimps need to access to mangrove areas. Therefore, shrimps? accessibility to mangrove plays important role in enabling shrimps to benefit from mangrove nurseries. For this reason, shrimps accessibility to mangrove is the focus of this study. Literature review was used to define the main influencing factors on shrimps? accessibility to mangrove that are hydrological factors and geographical factors. Hydrological factors are inundation patterns and current velocity. Geographical factors are surface elevation, mangrove-water interface, mangrove area and relative location to waterway system. They all in different ways and amplitudes affect on passively movement of shrimps that follows tidal water current. Accessibility of shrimps to mangrove forest can be considered as the potential that tidal water can flow into mangrove swamp. The conceptual model was built at two different levels of which the boundary, the space -time scale of the model, main components and their major sub-influence factors were defined. To apply the conceptual model, the mathematical model integrated with GIS is built to assess shrimp accessibility to mangrove using shrimp density as a quantitative measure. GIS and Remote Sensing data are employed in cartographic modelling which is a combination of map layers of variables to derive final result of shrimp density for each mangrove patch in Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, Viet Nam. The model can properly operate. The results can be explained according to input data. Further studies are needed to calibrate and validate the model. Extending the model for larger space-time scale evaluation is also recommended.

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