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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2021) Trang: 194-210
Tạp chí: Proceedings of second International Conference in Business, Economics & Finance
Liên kết:

The  study   investigates   the  impacts   of  corporate   social   responsibility   on consumer   behavior   on  non-alcoholic    beverage  products    in  the  Mekong   Delta. Although  there have been many studies  on this subject,  no research  has been done to examine  such  impacts  in the  non-alcoholic   beverage  industry  in  the  region.  This results  of this study  will  supplement   the  existing  theory  of the direct  and  indirect impacts of CSR on consumer  behavior,  and the study will accordingly  propose  some solutions   to  improve  the  ability  of Mekong  Delta-based   businesses   to  implement corporate  social responsibility.  The paper presents  experimental  quantitative  results obtained  from   analyzing   a  sample   of  1.019  consumers   who  use  non-alcoholic beverage  products   on  a  regular  basis.  The  covariance-based   structural   equation modeling  (CB-SEM) was used to examine the data set. The results show that CSR has a  direct  impact  on  consumer  behaviors  such  as purchase   intention,   loyalty,  and electronic   word  of  mouth.  In  addition,   CSR  contributes   to  improving   corporate reputation  and brand trust, thereby indirectly  affecting  consumer  behavior.

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