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Special issue: Environmental Science (2019) Trang: 37-43
Tạp chí: Journal of Vietnamese environment
Liên kết:

Culture of snakehead fish has been rather rapidly developed in the Mekong Delta recently, contributing to diversification of national fishery products. However, the amount of waste from fish culturing activities influencing on the quality of fish product and the ambient environment. This study was performed to assess the current situation of snakehead fish culture at household levels. Besides the fluctuation of water quality in a lined tank culturing snakehead fish was surveyed at various periods of a crop of fish farming. Interview results of 22 households revealed that average age of the culturing owner was 48± 8. Approximately 68.2%, 22.7%% and 9.1% of households cultured snakehead fish in earthen ponds, lined tanks and net cages, respectively. Wastewater of the ponds was daily discharged when fish was more than 2 months of age. However more than 90% interviewed households directly discharged wastewater into receiving water bodies without any treatment. Results of water quality monitoring in a lined tank showed that wastewater in the lined tank was highly polluted by organic compounds. It is necessary to find suitable measures for treating wastewater of the lined tank of fish before discharging into the environment

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Tạp chí: 21st PATTAYA International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental and Biological Sciences (PAEBS-19) - Enviromental Sciences and Engineering, Thailan, 9-10/12/2019

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