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Book chapter
Kỷ yếu hội nghị quốc tế 2013
Số tạp chí (2013) Trang: 108
Tạp chí: 5th Symposium on Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals and the Environment ARAE 2013 Thời gian tổ chức: 30 JUNE – 3 JULY 2013 AULA Ghent, Belgium
Liên kết:

 Introduction:   Salmonella   isolates  from  animal  production  and  their  antimicrobial  resistances  are   monitored  by  the  CODA-­‐CERVA  in  Belgium.  Since  2008,  the  proportion  of  d-­‐Tartrate-­‐positive   Salmonella  enterica  serotype  Paratyphi  B  (S.  Paratyphi  B  dT+)  isolated  from  poultry  has  increased   significantly  (8.8%  in  2008  to  36.5%  in  2010).  The  great  majority  of  the  isolates  were  from  broilers.     Material  and  Methods:  The  complete  antimicrobial  susceptibility  profile  and  the  presence  of  ESBLs   and  AmpC-­‐encoding  genes,  were  determined.  Genetic  relationship  between  isolates  were  analysed  by   PFGE.  Conjugation  was  performed  and  plasmids  were  characterized  by  PCR-­‐based  Replicon  Typing   (pBRT)  and  RFLP  profiling.     Results  and  conclusions:  Among  the  S.  Paratyphi  B  dT+  isolates  studied,  thirty-­‐five  per  cent  were   resistant  to  third-­‐   and  four-­‐generation  cephalosporins.  The  ESBL  genes  blaCTX-­‐M-­‐1,  blaCTX-­‐M-­‐2,   blaTEM-­‐52  and  the  AmpC  cephalosporinase  genes  blaCMY-­‐2  were  detected  on  different  self-­‐ transferable  plasmids.  pBRT  and  RFLP  profiling  revealed  the  occurrence  of  blaCTX-­‐M-­‐1,  blaTEM-­‐52  and   blaCMY-­‐2  genes  on  different  conjugative  IncI1  plasmids  (n=24),  underlining  the  epidemic  success  of   this  type  of  plasmids.  Interestingly,  and  for  the  first  time  to  our  knowledge,  the  blaCTX-­‐M-­‐2  gene  was   located  on  a  large  multireplicon  plasmid  containing  both  IncHI2  and  IncP  (IncHI2/P)  replicons.  In   addition,  two  strains  carrying  IncI1  and  IncHI2/P  plasmids  with  either  blaCMY-­‐2  or  blaCTX-­‐M-­‐2  genes,   respectively,  were  detected  in  this  study.     Further  researches  are  an  absolute  necessity  to  understand  the  epidemiology  thereof  and  to  be  able   to  propose  interventions  to  limit  the  spread  of  cephalosporin-­‐  and  multidrug-­‐resistant  Salmonella  spp

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