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Bài báo - Tạp chí
Volume 63, Issue 11 (2016) Trang: 7195-7203
Tạp chí: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

In this paper, a novel topology of six-level inverters for a medium-voltage high-power applications is proposed, which consists of inner flying-capacitor inverter (FCI) units and outer two-level inverter units. The proposed topology can reduce the number of devices, components, and isolated sources compared with the existing ones in the case of the same number of output voltage steps, which result in a reduction of the size and weight of the inverters. Also, the total power loss of the proposed topology is lower than that of the diode-clamped inverter (DCI) and FCI. Besides, the estimated cost of the proposed topology is about 60.5% and 81.3% compared with the DCI and FCI, respectively. In addition, the modulation technique and the control strategy for the dc-link capacitor and flying-capacitor voltages are developed for the proposed topology. The effectiveness of the proposed six-level inverter for the medium-voltage applications has been verified by simulation results. Also, the feasibility of the proposed inverter has been proved by experimental results for the prototype at the laboratory.

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