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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
0 (2019) Trang: 8-18
Tạp chí: Developing English Teaching Practices in the Mekong Delta
Liên kết:

This chapter was inspired by challenges related to instruction of culture in language teaching. It is true that sometimes language learners possess a great knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but they still meet lots of challenges to understand texts. In such situations, cultural factors seem to be one of the main roots of this problematic issue. This chapter, therefore, justifies the importance of teaching cultures in foreign language classrooms. In the same vein, the concept “culture” and key differences between Eastern and Western cultures will be defined and clearly compared. Since then, the importance of teaching and learning cultures in the context of learning English as a foreign or second language will be emphasized. Finally, some practical implementation will be suggested to shed light on how to teach culture in English language classrooms. They are believed to be useful for raising the awareness of English teachers in the Mekong Delta about the importance of teaching culture, as well as providing them with techniques to teach culture effectively in English language classrooms. Thanks to this, it is also expected that language learners can be able to fully understand and become more tolerance towards other culture and avoid culture shocks later in their real lives. Reading the following pages will give teachers a greater understanding of culture, its importance in language teaching, considerations and techniques to teach culture effectively.

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