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Bài báo - Tạp chí
5th (2015) Trang: 90
Tạp chí: International fisheries symposium
Liên kết:

White leg shrimp culture is evaluated in Vinh Chau district, Soc Trang province, Vietnam, this is the coastal region of the Mekong Delta. This species was allowed to culture in this region since 2008, it contributes significant about social economic for the province, this is a crustacean belongs to Penaeidae family to live the brackish water, it can be cultured density 40-100 ind/m2. The study surveyed on 90 shrimp farmers in 5 communes of the district, to evaluate the status of culturing this species, advantageous/disadvantageous aspects of farmers. Results found that average area was 0.6±0.4 ha/household, and 2-3 crops/year, density stocking was 40-100 ind/m2, the yield obtained 4-16 tonnes/ha/year. However, it is high risk because of high input to release the pond likes overfeeding, chemical used and waste duration of culturing. They created environmental pollution and effect to shrimp health, many shrimp farmers were lost incomes due to high investment, but low production or nothing to harvest. The profits from shrimp culture actually depend very much price of shrimp at temporal sale, survival rates and shrimp size. Results also found the net profit is not much affected by stocking density, the yield and total cost (Fig.1). Besides, the factors has affected to shrimp yield, advantages/disadvantages of farmers are also discussed detail in the study.

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