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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2022) Trang: 213-225
Tạp chí: AHIEVRAN 2nd International Conference on Scientific Research
Liên kết:

The Mekong Delta is an extremely important position in socio-economic development, especially
in agriculture-fisheries, but this is a region has been and will be heavily influenced by the
situation state of global climate change, including issues that people in the Mekong Delta,
especially in coastal provinces facing a deep saltwater intrusion into the land in the dry season.
The objective of this study consider the impact of salinity intrusion on agricultural production and
livelihoods of different groups, as well as considering the possibility of coping, adaptation of
different groups of households in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam before the real situation
salinization. Results showed that salinity has been increasingly encroaching into the land. It has to
affect the production activities of people. The salinity effect on production of: (i) making land
saline, difficult to product, low productivity, (ii) the lack of water to product, especially in the dry seasons, (iii) indirect to make production costs rise. Salt water intrusion also affected significantly by household income, up 51.7% of households had incomes decreasing and life difficulties caused by salt water intrusion. Household livelihoods in the future still focus mainly on agriculture and aquaculture, and further develop non-agricultural activities, attention to the trading activities and services. The tendency to develop the livelihoods of Poor households concentrated in activities that employed off-farm and non-farm activities. Better-off and medium households focused on agriculture- aquaculture production. Among the solution is planned irrigation systems, the production of compliance with the planning of the locality and in accordance with sub-regional ecological salty, Change the structure of fanning system in accordance with ecological time and always active in diversifying production, contributing to limit risk, reduce losses, and improve
investment performance

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