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Book chapter
Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2014) Trang: 379-387
Tạp chí: 3rd International Symposium on Design, Performance and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete, 5-8 June 2014, Xiamen City, China
Liên kết:

Taiwan has used self-consolidating concrete (SCC) in construction since the early 2000?s. In the last thirteen years, a number of buildings have been constructed using SCC. This paper emphasizes the successful application case of SCC as mass concrete and also describes the overall management system. The Weiwuying arts and culture center was located in southern Taiwan. The 141,000 m2 center will feature 6,000 seats across the concert hall, lyric theater, playhouse, recital hall, public library and orchestra rehearsal room. The SCC was designed with the slump depth of 250?280 mm, and slump flow of 600-700 mm, as well as a 28-day compressive strengths of 280 kgf/cm2. The compressive strength values of the project were able to achieve more than 30% of the desired value. The results show that the field temperatures during cement hydration of SCC was 6?10oC lower than that of conventional concrete. The results of ultrasonic pulse velocity and electrical resistivity indicated that the SCC had good durability. The strength efficiency of cement used on this building was 24?31 psi strength per kg of cement. This indicates that the increase in cement strength efficiency has save over 50% of the cement required.

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