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Sep 22 (2015) Trang: 1-10
Tạp chí: Roundtable on Inclusive agribusiness in Southeast Asia

Cong Binh is a private company specializing in the production, processing and exporting of various types of rice, especially soft cooked rice and aromatic rice. The company was formed in June 19, 2006 with the support of Planning and Investment department of Long An province. Besides rice products, the company has other by products of rice industry such as broken rice, bran and husk firewood (củi trấu đóng thành khối). In the last 5 years, Cong Binh received 21 domestic and international awards and quality certifications. Cong Binh is highly valuated for its growth rates both in turnover (50% growth annually) and profit (30% growth annually). The company has opportunities to expand market share through its international strategic partners. However, it still lacks investment capital and limits production capacity to accept larger deals proposed by those partners.  In general, a lack of access to credits and loan is the most difficult factor for Cong Binh to expand its scale of business operation.

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