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Bài báo - Tạp chí
12 (2021) Trang: 1048-1054
Tạp chí: Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education

The paper employed a Cobb-Douglas and translog of stochastic frontier profit function to measure the
level of economic efficiency and its determinants. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data from 1,889
of sampling observations (591 for season 1, 678 for season 2, and 620 for season 3) randomly selected from
designated locations in the study area. Difference of the study compared to past researches related to tropical fruits
analyzed efficiency of three seasons instead of only focusing on efficiency of one season or total a year. The study
established a mean economic efficiency of 26.19% in season 1, 27.15% in season 2, and 24.62% in season 3. The
paper found out positive determinants of economic efficiency were farming experience, wrapping bag, market
access among three seasons; education in season 1 and plant density in season 1 and 2. By contrast, the constraints
to profit of mango producers were age, and payment for agro-input wholesale on ending of season in three seasons;
credit access and classifying sale in first and second seasons; education in second and third seasons; plant density
in season 3. Based on these findings, policy makers should focus on effective inputs models that would boost
profit efficiency through conducting regular workshops and orchard demonstrations on using input materials
effectively. More so, farmers should design mango gardens with appropriate trees density as well as encourage
gardeners to use bags for wrapping mango fruits in farming in order to increase economic efficiency.

Keywords: Economic efficiency, profit, mango in the southern Vietnam

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