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250 (2021) Trang: 81-92
Tạp chí: WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
Liên kết: 10.2495/WRM210081

The paper employed the Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) model to determine impact of chemical fertilizer and pesticide on farm worker, consumer and ecology as well as imply potential threats of Chu-mango cultivation on water resource pollution. The findings indicates that the number of root fertilizer (N-P-K) is 624.1, 542.5 and 443.5 kg/ha for seasons 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Especially, the nitrogen and phosphates misuse could leach into groundwater or enter via surfacerunoff into waterways. Besides, the ecology components in Chu-mango farming is the most vulnerable objective among three seasons. The field use EIQ in season 1 is the highest (1,058.56) in all of three seasons, then seasons 2 (747.06) and season 3 (592.34). Pesticides can move to water through direct application, runoff, and atmospheric deposition to contaminate water resources. One suggestion, therefore, the government could encourage mango growers to adopt good agricultural practices by training programs that raise their awareness on ecological protection. This policy would help to reject banned agrochemicals in mango production, which protect water quality. Additionally, traceability code is needed, which would help of farmer change behavior of pesticide overuse, is to carry out individual responsibilities for their products to communities. It is not only reduce loadings of agricultural pollutants to water resources but also take the potential trade benefit.

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