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Book chapter
Tạp chí quốc tế 2018
Số tạp chí DEPISA Monograpth 5(2018) Trang: 41-57
Tạp chí: Supporting Professional Learning in Sourheast Asian Universiy through DEPISA
Liên kết:

Reflection is not popular in Vietnam since it is not well understood. Thus, it has not been seen as a tool for professional development (PD) and is not often mentioned in Vietnam Teachers Standards. We have experienced the benefits of reflection and now wish to encourage teacher-educators (TEs) in Can Tho University (CTU), to understand the opportunities reflection can offer in their PD. Reflection, especially its impact on the PD of teachers, has captured the attention of a growing number of researchers (Dewey, 1933; Schon, 1983; Moon, 2001; Marland, 2006; Watton, Collings & Moon, 2011; Darling-Hammond et al, 2017). According to Clement and Vanderberghe (2000) PD can be successful only when there are meaningful interactions among teachers themselves as well as between teachers, administrators, and other community members.  In order to help each other to develop professionaly, a team of four TEs of different ages and with a variety of teaching experiences have been conducting several research projects involving reflection. In this paper, we will be telling our reflective stories from our last co-research on Microteaching. The research questions were: (1) What teaching skills did TEs learn from this last action research?; and (2) What research skills did TEs learn? Data including within-group emails, reflective stories of the four TEs were collected for qualitative analysis. The findings indicated positive impacts and development in group members’ teaching and research skills.

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