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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2016) Trang: 1-6
Tạp chí: DAS 2016, Santorini, Greece, 11-14/4/2016

In this paper, we propose a new feature vector, named DElaunay TRIangulation-based Features (DETRIF), for real-time camera-based document image retrieval. DETRIF is computed based on the geometrical constraints from each pair of adjacency triangles in delaunay triangulation which is constructed from centroids of connected components. Besides, we employ a hashing-based indexing system in order to evaluate the performance of DETRIF and to compare it with other systems such as LLAH and SRIF. The experimentation is carried out on two datasets comprising of 400 heterogeneous-content complex linguistic map images (huge size, 9800 X 11768 pixels resolution) and 700 textual document images.

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Số 19b (2011) Trang: 30-38
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(2018) Trang:
Tạp chí: 2018 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)
1 (2015) Trang:
Tạp chí: Eleventh IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition – 22-23 August 2015, Nancy, France
1 (2015) Trang:
Tạp chí: Proceedings Hội thảo quốc tế (IEEE) ISBN: 978-1-4799-1805-8
1 (2015) Trang:
Tạp chí: Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications, IPTA 2014
(2014) Trang: 259-262
Tạp chí: Treizième Colloque International Francophone sur l?écrit et le Document, CIFED 2014, Nancy, France 19-21/3/2014

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