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Book chapter
Tạp chí quốc tế 2017
Số tạp chí 02(2017) Trang: 84-90
Tạp chí: International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management
Liên kết:

In recent years, studies related to sustainable supply chain management have been done increasingly and expanded across different disciplines; among them, sustainable agricultural product supply chain is a topic of concern. In comparison with other supply chains, the shrimp supply chain plays an important role because of its high export value and possibility to provide many jobs for labourers, especially in developing countries. This paper aims to provide an insight into the current trends in sustainable supply chain management and the challenges in the implementation process towards an empirical study in this field in developing countries. The methods employed in this paper include a systematic literature review and a statistical method to describe the current state of production and of the shrimp supply chain. Although the sustainable supply chain management has been a concern of many discussions in the past few years, little contribution has been made to the shrimp industry, especially in developing countries. For sustainable development, environmental and social responsibility as well as economic efficiency must be assessed in a serious and objective manner. Hopefully, our work could make contribution to the development of a sustainable shrimp supply chain and a better insight into this field.

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