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Tạp chí quốc tế 2017
Số tạp chí 35(2017) Trang: 1-15
Tạp chí: CAS Centre for ASEAN Studies

This paper aims to provide information of a case study of successful rice-business linkage between farmers and the Cong Binh private company in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The study’s implementation based on interviewing director of Cong Binh Company, heads of cooperative groups and group discussion of farmers within the linkages. There are many interesting results: Farmer’s profits were higher than these of non-linkage farms; Linkage goals were solved successfully with high production and income to the farmers, particularly poor farmers; 100% farmers sold all their paddy to the company; paddy quality was high and followed market requirements; more farmers wanted to join the linkages because the company shared a better profit/kg of paddy with a ratio of 50%-50% to the farmers, while this ratio was 30% if the farmers sold paddy to collectors. In addition, the case study indicates that many aspects regarding linkage benefits in rice value chain, the managerial capacity of the Cong Binh Company and supports of local government at all levels integrated successfully. Key words: Agri-business linkage, RVT rice, farmer, Cong Binh Company

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