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Tạp chí trong nước 2013
Số tạp chí 51(4AB)(2013) Trang: 355-361
Tạp chí: Tạp chí Hóa học

For several years, the transesterification of vegetable oils to form esters, and in particular, methyl ester, has received considerable attention. This is because of the current use of these methyl esters as diesel fuels substitues. However, the research and the practical application results have showed that biodiesel fuel is synthesized by transesterification method, it have somme proplems such as impurities and oxidation, which causes serious influences on engine performance and that lead to reduce the life of the diesel engine. To avoid these disadvantages, in recent years, a new research direction is invesgating, which is the direct synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oil or animal fat by the hydrocracking catalytic and Biodiesel products is also called Bio Hydrofined Diesel (BHD). In this paper, BHD is synthesized by catalytic hydrocracking methods. Waste cooking oil (KFC), Jatropa oil and catfish fat has been used as raw materials for this study. Three types of catalysts have been studied which consist of CoMo/γ-Al2O3, CoMo/TiO2 and CoMo/ZrO2. Research results showed that the hydrocracking reaction is occured only in the presence of synthetic catalysts. The highest catalytic effect is CoMo/TiO2. The optimal condition of reaction has also been studied and it follows the condition of catalyst 1 wt%; temperature of 350oC; pressure of 30 bars and reaction time of 3h. Effect of raw material is carried out, the results showed that, for raw materials derived from vegetable oil (KFC and oil Jatropa), the light components and recovery of BHD products are more than in the case of raw material derived from animal oil (Basa fish fat). BHD product of this study satisfies to current diesel fuels properties.

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