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Bài báo - Tạp chí
118(7/8) (2017) Trang: 354-363
Tạp chí: Information and Learning Science

This paper is an exploratory of recruitment source and professional staff retention for succession planning, as well as suggests some experiences of keeping qualified staff in Vietnamese libraries. It stems from the context of academic and public libraries in Mekong Delta region, Vietnam. This research draws on transformational leadership theory initiated by James McGregor Burns (1978) and expanded by Bernard M Bass (1985). It was conducted through a multi-method case study approach at thirteen public and four academic libraries in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Data collection consisted of online survey with 162 responses and twenty-three in-depth semi-structured interviews. Research result indicates that staff recruitment for managerial positions in Vietnamese libraries is mainly from within the organisation. Staff retention relies on differing factors, of which salary was considered the most important by several participants. However, succession planning itself may be a good way to keep qualified employees who would like to be promoted. For those employees attracted by high salaries rather than future managerial positions, supplemental income is believed to be a possible solution. A larger research coverage will be suggested to further research so as to get further information about staff recruitment and how to retain qualified staff in Vietnamese library settings. This study aims to benefit library leaders by providing good insights into which recruitment source is suitable to look for qualified staff for managerial positions in Vietnam.  Most importantly, the research would inform library leaders and the local government in the Mekong Delta of the possible reasons for staff turnover. This study also helps to raise library leaders’ awareness of the how to retain their qualified professional employees within a highly dynamic environment. This research contributes into literature about qualified staff recruitment and retention in an Asian country context that has not been discussed so far. It also helps to raise awareness of library leaders of applying some practical strategies including succession planning into retaining managing employees in their organisations.

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