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Bài báo - Tạp chí
(2015) Trang: 41 (OP-28)
Tạp chí: 4th Asian PGPR Conference for Sustainable Agriculture, Daewoo Hotel - Hanoi, Vietnam, May 3-6, 2015

Organic toxicity is a common phenomenon in soils with continuous rice grown.. Under these conditions, the growth of rice plant is often stunted and resulted with reduced yields. In our study, we evaluated three plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), such as a cellulolytic bacteria Cellulomonas flavigena, nitrogen-fixing bacteria Azospirillum sp. and a phosphate-dissolving bacteria Pseudomonas sp.on growth and yield of rice cv: IR50404. Experiments were conducted under greenhouse conditions in a randomized complete block design. There were 10 treatments and each treatment was replicated five times. The replicated pot was filled with submerged soil collected from rice field amended with rice straw for rice cultivation in autumn-winter season. Rice seeds treated with PGPR (Azospirillum sp., Pseudomonas sp.) as a seed soaking and planted in the pots. Microbiological fertilizers containing cellulolytic bacteria Cellulomonas flavigena (pellets) was sprayed in the pots. Our results showed that rice plant treated C. flavigena + inorganic fertilizer (75N-45P2O5-30K2O kgha-1) significantly increased plant height, number of tillers, root weight, 1000 – grain weight, paniclesand rice yields compared with untreated controls (100 N-60P2O5-30K2O kgha-1), reduced 25% inorganic fertilizer (25 kg N and 15 kg P2O5).

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Tạp chí: Quản lý dịch hại tổng hợp cây trồng theo hướng hữu cơ sinh học trong phát triển nông nghiệp xanh
(2014) Trang: 726
Tạp chí: 4th International Rice Congress, 27 October - 1 November 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
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Tạp chí: 4th International Rice Congress, 27 October - 1 November 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

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