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Bài báo - Tạp chí
2015 (2015) Trang: 39
Tạp chí: Feed and Feeding Management for Healthier Aquaculture and Profits
Liên kết:

Nowadays, Artemia biomass is rather popular use in aquaculture for many candidates. However in Vietnam it was cultured in saltpans only during the dry season which last from January to May, with a culture cycle normally carried out in six to eight weeks depending on pond management and weather. In this experiment nauplii was inoculated to pond condition then weekly sampling for fatty acid analysis until the end of culture cycle (8 weeks) aiming to evaluate the quality of Artemia biomass via fatty acid profile and to find out  how seasonality could effect on it. The results showed that a week after inoculation, there were increase in proportion of most of fatty acid classes (FAs) in Artemia biomass compared to their initial nauplii. These weeks after, the MUFA continued increasing steadily until the end of the culture and kept at over 35%, while PUFA were decreased and SFA was fluctuated over time. Correlation Matrices analysis was revealed that, there were correlations among FAs classes and between FAs class with physical condition (temperature and salinity). However, in term of total FAME,  fatty acid content in biomass were lowest at first week after inoculation (57.8mg/gDW), then rose steadily and got their peaks at from W3 to W5 (101.3- 120.6 mg/g DW), after this point, the content were down  at bout 80mg/g DW until the end of culture. With this fatty acid content, Artemia biomass of whole culture period met the requirement of all freshwater species  but it was good for marine species only from the third to fifth week of the culture.

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