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9(1) (2019) Trang: 172-179
Tạp chí: International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

In this study, Artemia were cultured at three substitution rates of seawater by sea-salt water involving 0% (control; seawater); 50 and 100% incorporated with two ways of culture method known as normal and biofloc application. The two- factorial experiment produced 8 treatments and there were 3 replicates for each. Artemia were reared in 5L plastic bottles, contained 3L culture medium with a density of 500 nauplii/L, salinity 30‰ and lasted for 4 weeks. In the first two days after stock, Artemia was fed with fresh Chaetoceros algae and after that till the end of experiment, Artemia formulated feed was used as daily food. In biofloc treatments, the C/N ratios were regulated by adding molasses into the Artemia culture medium based on TAN concentration from days 5th. Results from experiment showed that most of followed parameters such as survival, growth, reproduction as well as biomass production were more or less similarity between treatments (p>0,05) except reproduction rate. These results indicated that the sea-salt water can be used for Artemia biomass culture and bioflocs did not make sense when applied in this case, although the biomass production in bioflos treatments were a bit higher than in normal culture. However, it was calculated that the feed utilization in biofloc treatments was lesser 13.3% compared to normal culture for getting the same amount of live biomass at harvest. Besides that, biofloc application also saves water exchanges about 30% and labour cost for this work.

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