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Tạp chí quốc tế 2018
Số tạp chí Volume 30 (8),(2018) Trang: Article 143
Tạp chí: Livestock Research for Rural Development

A feeding trial was carried out to evaluate the effects of a probiotic and organic acids on growth performance and carcass quality of pigs fed diets containing Tra catfish  (Pangasiushypophthalmus) scrap meat protein hydrolysate (HMB) as the major protein source. Thirty-two crossbred castrated (Yorkshire x Landrace) male pigs with an initial average body weight of 25.2kg were housed in individual pens in a randomized complete block design of 4 treatments and 8 replications. The diet was based on maize and soybean meal with the scrap meat hydrolysate (HMD) as the major (60%) source of protein. The treatments were: CTL (no additive), PR (a probiotic of beneficial microorganisms), OA (a mixture of organic acids) and the two additives combined (PROA).The overall growth rates of 641 to 677 g/day, and feed conversion values of 3.26 to 3.40, indicate that Tra catfish scrap meat hydrolysate was efficiently utilized as a protein source for pigs. Growth rate was improved 5 % by each of probiotic and organic acid additives with no advantage from combining them. Feed intake was not affected with the result that feed conversion tended to be improved slightly by the additives. There appeared to be beneficial effects on meat color from feeding the additives.

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