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Tạp chí quốc tế 2017
Số tạp chí 100(2017) Trang: 371-379
Tạp chí: Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

The soil small-strain shear modulus, G0, is necessary for static and dynamic analyses of soils and is often correlated to other soil properties such as density and void ratio, on their turn depending on grain size distribution. In some cases of dynamic loading, change in grain size distribution (GSD) of soils, especially for calcareous sands might occur. In addition, many of these sand types behave differently from silica sands due to their mineralogy and particle characterization. In this paper, a concise literature review of parameters influencing G0 is given in detail. The findings prove that particle shape is a main factor affecting G0. Less dynamic stiffness is found for particles owning less angularity and more sphericity. The results also show that calcareous sand gives higher values of G0 than silica sand. Especially, the normalized shear modulus (G0/e-B) has a good correlation with the uniformity coefficient (Cu). The increases in Cu and finer particles have a negative influence on G0. Moreover, a comparison is given between the values of G0 predicted by this study and by previous studies.

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