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Tạp chí quốc tế 2018
Số tạp chí 71(2018) Trang: 1044-1047
Tạp chí: The Journal of Antibiotics

Sulfonamide residue in foodstuffs and the environment is a serious global concern for their contribution to the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, especially in developing countries. Here, we describe a novel, simple, and low-cost bioassay for sulfonamides, which has high potential versatility for use in low-resource settings. The bioassay method is based on a purpose-built luminescent assay reaction that detects sulfonamide groups. The luminescent assay reaction comprises dihydropteroate synthase, a target enzyme of sulfonamides, and luminescent pyrophosphate detection reagent, which triggers a sequence of biomolecular reactions that convert sulfonamides to emit luminescence. The novel assay detected at least six different sulfonamides with an estimated limit of detection of−1in a solution-phase assay using a microplate reader. More importantly, the luminescent assay reaction functioned even after spotting and freeze-drying on a wax pattern-printed paper platform. The paper-embedded luminescent assay reaction showed response signals to sulfadiazine within 30 min at a limit of detection similar to that of the solution-phase assay using a microplate reader. The signal could be recorded using a digital camera in the dark and required no other laboratory infrastructure, freeing the assay from the constraints of a well-fitted laboratory.

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